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Welcome to The Brian Mannix Pages.

This site will follow Brian Mannix's career post X-Men. From his tv and film appearances, to his writing, his solo career, and current gigs. For all the information regarding his career with the 80's band Uncanny X-Men please click on the sites link above.

Brians story began when he was born in Melbourne, Australia on October 7 1961. He grew up in Oak Park, a northern suburb of Melbourne and attended Catholic church schools. Brian was a big Beatles fan and would often entertain his family singing their hits when he was a kid. His father Jack , mother Elga, and older brother Chris were all teachers so Brian was encouraged to go to university and ensure he had a career to fall back on. Initially, Brian wanted to attend Film and Television School and learn to make movies, but he didnt get in. He then got a job in a tap factory as a junior clerk, before moving on to a position in the television department of Coburg Teachers College. 

At 20 he created the band Uncanny X-Men with his mates. At first they tried the punk avenue and played support gigs with Men at Work, James Freud and Berlin in pubs around Melbourne. They had moderate success for a few years, building up a faithful pub audience, before hitting it big in a huge way in 1985. A number one album Cos Life Hurts and a number one single 50 Years, plus top ten hits Party and Everybody Wants to Work, ensured Brian and his band were in the public eye constantly. TV appearances and magazine covers became a regular thing.

Brian used his creative talents to direct most of the bands video clips. Since the band broke up in 1987, Brian has turned his hand to many tasks including a solo album, directing TV shows and short films, directing theatre, acting in the theatre and TV and films, making short films, being an author, writing plays and much more. 

Check out the Career To Date pages for more details and links to articles, photos and screen captures, either from my own collection or those that fellow fans have sent me. The Site Info page will advise you when the last update was made.

Brian still lives in Melbourne, is married to Sue and they have two children, Casey and Max Elvis.


In an interview with Countdown Magazine in August 1985 Brian said "I figure lifes too short not to live every single bit of it. I'd hate to be 40 and look back at this time and go 'shit - I could have had such a good time then. Why didnt I?' So I figure, enjoy it now, its not gonna last forever and hopefully when its all over I'll have something else to do."

In a Juke interview dated 12 October 1985 he said "I'm working towards not having to worry about 10 years from now. I realise the lifespan of a performer in this business is relatively short, and if you are lucky, you do ok. For me, well it wont last forever. God, it might be over by Christmas".

"We use to be pop stars, but now we are historical figures". The Sunday Program. September 2006.

Brian Mannix:  '80s Rock Legend, Age 50.  Dancing For: Prostate Cancer Foundation Of Australia

Partner: Melanie Hooper

"I'm miles behind everybody. I can't see anybody that I'm going to beat. But I'm going to give it a damn good try."

Australian rocker Brian Mannix hit the stage as lead singer and songwriter with his band, The Uncanny X-Men. Hit singles ‘Everybody Wants to Work,' ‘Party,' and ‘Fifty Years' saw the band achieve gold and platinum sales as one of the most popular bands of the 1980s.

Now he's vying for a different prize, and Brian says training has been like nothing before. “On the second night I sat at home and thought ‘Oh my God, what have I done?' It seemed like a very dark place. Hopefully I'll just keep improving and getting better."

Brian says his only hope for victory is getting down with some old school moves. “The skinhead dance is one of my strengths. I can do Axle Rose and Mick Jagger pretty well but that's about it." There are more weaknesses. “Posture is really bad. Remembering it all is not that good. Actually performing it and looking like a dancer is really bad. I can't really see any strengths!"

Like many in the competition, Brian says last year's X Factor hit Johnny Ruffo is the one to beat. “He dances like Michael Jackson! And he's got Luda's whose a really good dancer too so you'd have to pencil him in as the favourite."

With his children backing Brendan Fevola, Brian says he can only hope to impress his wife. “I can't even waltz so I don't even dance with my wife at a wedding. It will be good after this when I can get her out on the floor and give her a dance."

Dancing for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Brian says he can only hope to do his best. “My old man died of prostate cancer about 12 years ago. Watching him die from it – if you can stop that from happening to anybody else that would be good. It's a good motivation to try and do your best, and it's good that something good can come out of it."
And he knows partner Melanie is the key to his success. “I'm going to fang it and do the very best I can not just for my sake but for Mel's as well. I want to do the right thing by her because she's so talented, she deserves to go all the way, I just don't want to let her down."
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