Before the Uncanny X-Men:

Brians mum Elga kindly shared many stories about Brian with Pop Thriller magazine. Click on the links to see baby and childhood pics and read stories about Brian as a kid !!

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Brian's Career to Date
1981 - 1987. The Uncanny X-Men Years

The majority of articles about the band are on the Uncanny X-Men pages. What I have kept on this page are the articles that were just about Brian.

During these years Brian was already testing out his anchorman style on various shows. He hosted Countdown half a dozen times. He appeared on Blankety Blanks. He co anchored the 1985 live broadcast of Live Aid with Molly Meldrum and he and the band performed at the Oz For Africa gig that was broadcast across the world as part of the Live Aid celebrations.

He also directed most of the X-men rock videos as well as an x rated film called Viv La Booge. I ordered a copy via the fan club all those years ago but sadly it never arrived :(

Countdown - 15th September, 1985 (Host)

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LINK: Article "Brian Considers His First Novel" 25 Oct 1986

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1986 The Flying Doctors: TV Guest appearance.

Starred in four episodes of Channel Nine's The Flying Doctors as Lionel - who preferred to be known as Max. Desribed as an Over The Top rural version of Mad Max - Lionels trademark is a fox worn around his shoulders. The episodes aired in June 1986.
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LINK: Four Articles from 1986
LINK: Article from 6 Aug 1986

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1986. TV Guest role - The Fast Lane
Small role in ABC comedy series The Fast Lane.
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1985: The Incredible Penguins. Single.

"Happy Christmas (War is Over)" by The Incredible Penguins.
This recording featured contributions by John Farnham, Brian Mannix, John Schumann of Redgum, Pseudo Echo, Kids in the Kitchen, Bob Geldof, Colleen Hewett, Jim Keays, Wendy Stapleton and Angry Anderson.   The Incredible Penguins are Craig johnston, Pat Polo, Wayne Matthews, John Moon, Marcel Rodeka and Steve Donald.
This band was put together by Molly Meldrum solely to raise money for research into penguins of Victoria.  This was their only record release. 
(1985 Mushroom X13232).
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1990 Solo Album - Brian Mannix

Solo Album released. Musicland label

Tracks: Paradise, Stewardess, Beautiful People, Next, Future, Teenage Lust, This Dream, New York, Ecstasy on King St, 600 Questions, Summer Evenings, This Dream (reprise).
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LINK: to IMDB Listing

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1987. Film Role - The Bit Part
Starred as an unemployed bum in the film The Bit Part, also starred Nicole Kidman, Chris Haywood, John Wood, Maurie Fields, Deborra-Lee Furness, Wilbur Wilde, Red Symons.
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LINK: to IMDB Listing
LINK: Reviews and pics.
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YEAR ? Segment Producer on tv show Take 40 Australia.
YEAR ?. Appearance on skit show The Comedy Company.
YEAR ? Guest appearance in The Col'n Carpenter Show
YEAR ? Theatre: Horror Story

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LINK: Article 24 Nov 1990

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1989. Film Composer - Houseboat Horror

Brian was the composer on the soundtrack to the Aussie horror film Houseboat Horror.

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1993. TV Guest Role - Neighbours

Brian starred in a 3 week role in Channel Ten's Neighbours as Irish jockey Connor Cleary who falls for Lou Carpenters daughter.
1992. TV Role - Good Vibrations

Played Scum in Network 7 mini series Good Vibrations. Aired in April 1992.

Also starred Genevieve Picot,William McInnes, Alan Hopgood, Sasha Close, Matthew Parkinson, Grant Dodwell, Mark Mitchell.

Scums band were Scott Kingman, Craig Waugh and Allan Johnson.
1989 Theatre: Bad Boy Johnny & the Prophets of Doom.
Music & Lyrics By Daniel Abineri
Comedy Theatre Melbourne VIC (Opened 16 September 1989)

Song List: Let Us Pray, Another Day, Bad Boy Johnny, What U Want, Have Your Say, Maybe He's the One, Enemy the Sun, Kissing God, Make Me Divine, I Believe.

Cast List: Daniel Abineri, Steven Bastoni, Nadine Garner, Brian Mannix, Troy Newman, Wayne Pygram, Liam Shields & Wendy Stapleton
1990. TV Guest Role - Skirts

Brian had a guest appearence in TV cop show Skirts.
When he heard he was playing a drunk called Cliff Bowden he stated he drew on years of experience, "I've been a drunk for years." !! "The crew kept giving me beer after beer when we were filming. It was great !. When you're drunk you think you've got it together, so I played it like that, not over the top. When I saw the playbacks I was pleased. I looked pissed out of my mind !".

The Skirts role reminded Brian of the time he was arrested while playing to a packed pub with the Uncanny X-Men.
1993. New Band  - Atomic Dining Club.

Formed with Steve Harrison and Ross McLennan. Described as 60s psychadelia with a 90s vibe.

Released a maxi single called No Tomorrow.
2000  Film Role - Chopper

Brian had a small speaking role in Chopper. Starred alongside Eric Bana, Simon Lyndon, Daniel Wyllie and Vince Colosimo.

1998 - 1999. Theatre - Countdown the Musical

Brian wrote and directed Countdown The Musical. Opened first in Melbournes Comedy Theatre, followed by sell out seasons around the country. A sendup of the original ABC tv show, feauring 40 classic songs as they were performed back then, by some great lookalike comedians.

Quote: "I probably have three albums worth of material I would like to release but I've kind of done that. The music industry is also no longer the same as it use to be. You could spend the rest of your life doing something that you have already done.
I'll still always write and like music but there are other challenges. Countdown The Musical is one of the first and something different. I would like to make my first film by the time I'm 40."

1995  TV Guest Role - Blue Heelers.

Guest role on Channel 7's Blue Heelers. playing "David Emelyn Hughes" in episode: "The Lolita Blues" aired 6 June 1995. Series 3 ep 61
The story was about two brothers fighting over a girl !!
1993 Theatre: Ladies Night

Starring Andrew Daddo and Brian. Opened in Melbourne in June 1993 at the National Theatre in St Kilda.

A story about unemployed men who become strippers. (Note - similar storyline to The Full Monty but long before that film was released.) 1 article scanned.
2000 TV Guest Appearance

Guest on The Big Schmooze 12 August 2000
2001 Theatre - The Bench

Brian directed The Bench, a comedy about football at the Comedy Club in Carlton Melbourne 28/03/2001
2001.TV Guest Appearance

Appeared on Rove Live, Channel Ten. 3 April 2001
2003 Film Director - Tee for Terror
Directed by Brian Mannix. Produced by Brett Davies & Brian Mannix
Three golfers playing a friendly round for ten bucks a hole - then there was one... (Tropfest short film festival).
2001 Guest - TV Series - Long Way To The Top

ABC musical history series Long Way to the Top.
Brians interviews were seen in Episode 5: INXS, in Exile 1976-1988

As colourful musical entrepreneurs boosted their enthusiasm for new bands with generous lines of cocaine, bands like the Uncanny X Men had a lot of fun flirting with the accessories of corporate excess.

"If we had to make an appearance anywhere we'd get a limo, so the kids could see, 'oh well, they're doing well'. You'd walk down the street and 'ah ya poofter', you know. I don't know why I was a poofter but I was, I suppose with the eyeliner and the bangles and the scarves - know what am I saying?"
2005. TV Guest Appearance - Spicks and Specks

Guest competitor on the ABC music quiz show Spicks & Specks. 27 April 2005. Brian was on Myfs team along with Hamish. Funniest moments were Brian and Myf playing "air keyboards" while humming the theme to Greatest American Hero, then Brian singing passages of Shakespeare to Locomotion, Living Doll and Just a Gigilo. Myf announced her undying love to Brian and Brian almost took her up on the offer till Hamish reminded him the show was recorded !! A wave and a "Sorry Sue" followed !!
2005. TV Guest Role - Last Man Standing

Guest role on Channel 7 series Last Man Standing playing "Swinger" aired 10 June 2005.
1997  Author - The Broady Skulls

The Broady Skulls is a hilarious novel about the newest team in the Australian Football League.
The foreward, by AFL legend Simon Madden, says it all !

"I have been involved in football since I was ten years old which is now close on thirty years. In that time I have seen our great game from many view points.
I have seen it as a child growing up in under age competitions, as a wide-eyed rookie breaking into league ranks, as the developing player, as a Norm Smith medalist, as a premiership player and as a former champion. I have seen it in all it's grandeur, in all it's harshness. I have seen it make men and I have seen it break them, I have been part of it's history, part of it's soul.
One book truly captures all of this - the emotion, the heartache, the exultation, the furore, the excitement - the true essence of our great game. This is not that book.
A few special people have an insightful vision into the people's game, both past, present and future. Brian Mannix is not one of those people."
2004 Screenplay readings
Screenplay - Sells Like Teen Spirit (VIC).  WHERE Chapel Off Chapel, Prahran
Screenplay - monthly rehearsed readings of new film scripts - presents Sells Like Teen Spirit by Warwick Holt & m. blackwell. Featuring Peter Stefanou, Brian Mannix, Carolyn Bock, Romi Trower, Nick Carrafa, Michael Burkett, Maurie Annese and Drew Tingwell. Narrated by Arianna Bosi. Directed by Angelo Salamanca.
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LINK: Article 25 August 1990

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LINK: CD Liner notes, pics and lyrics. Many thanks Dee.

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LINK: Article 12 June 1993 (also about son Max).

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LINK - Brians scene from Chopper (ta Dee).
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LINK: Page from theatre program on Brian.
LINK: Article 4 July 1998
LINK: Article 16 Sept 1998
LINK: Article 24 Sept 1998
LINK: Article 5 October 1998
LINK: Article 20 April 1999
LINK: Article 23 May 1999
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LINK: Article 18 June 1999
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2004 - 2005. Idols of the 80s

Toured around Australia with band members from Pseudo Echo and Kids in the Kitchen, and others such as Dave Sterry from Real Life. Each sung their own greatest hits along with some great 80's medleys of old faves.
ONGOING: Glassy & Peeling Pty Ltd.

Brian's experience in entertainment, film and advertising, both in front of the audience and behind the scenes, is impressive. He has hosted, appeared on and produced for some of Australia's best-known TV programs. Brian has written, directed and produced two very successful stage shows, short films, music videos and commercials. He is an author and columnist, and was lead singer and songwriter of a band whose albums achieved gold and platinum sales.

Specialising in: Film, video and sound production, Corporate and training videos,  Scriptwriting and directing, Video presentations, Web site videos, Commercial production including writing jingles, Songwriting, composing and producing music, Film and TV scores and soundtracks, Entertainment consulting and performance training, Event coordinating and recording.

Featuring: Glassy and Peeling draws on real life experience and qualifications to provide the ideas and skills needed to produce quality film, video and sound.

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Links to more info:
LINK: A great website featuring pictures from the book and the first hilarious 20 chapters !! Enjoy.

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2005. Director - Hard Rubbish.

Brian directed his children Casey and Max in a short film called Hard Rubbish, for the 2005 Tropfest Short Film Festival.

The film follows the fortunes of an action figure doll who is annoyed at being tossed out on the scrap heap.
Links to more info:
LINK: News article 14 Feb 2005.

Updated: 18 Dec 2005
2005. TV Guest Appearance. Spicks and Specks.

Brian was a guest star on ABC's Spicks and Specks Christmas Special on 18 December 2005.
Hamish hilariously gave him a BIG KISS !!
And we learned that Brian is getting a shark hunting trip for christmas ??????
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LINK: Screen caps from the episode.

Updated: 19 December 2005
2000 TV Guest Appearance

Guest on Bob Downes series Fabulous, Famous & Forgotten which screened in August 2000. Brian featured on the "Mullet Special" !!

He showed a video clip of "Work" and discussed the merits and ethics of the song before showing us a Brian Doll and explaining the reason for big shoulders and small pants !!
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LINK: Some screen caps from the episode.

Updated: 1 January 2006
1998  TV Guest Appearance - Battle of the Sexes. Channel Ten.

Brian was a guest panelist representing the "males" - his side lost !!!!
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Screen caps coming soon

Updated 22 January 2006
2006. Director - short film - 'Me'.
Feb 2006 tidbit from Michele (thanks !)
FORMER rocker Brian Mannix is focusing on film.  Mannix, the one-time lycra-clad frontman of chart-topping band the Uncanny X-Men, has submitted a short film to Tropfest titled 'Me". "It is my entire life in six minutes 59 seconds," Mannix said. "I had all this footage of the X-Men on tour and overseas, so I did something with it." Mannix said he had pulled the film together in a week, just making the Tropfest deadline for submissions.
(Sunday Herald Sun Feb 5 2006, Author Fiona Byrne)
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LINK: To Tropfest website

Updated: 11 February 2005
2006. Countdown - The Concert Spectacular. AUG/SEPT
Numerous news articles have mentioned a possible touring concert/stage show featuring former Countdown faves - including the
X-Men. Have also seen mention of a movie !! See the links.

30/4/06 Concerts confirmed for August/September 2006.

21/5/06 All the tour dates have been announced for the COUNTDOWN SPECTACULAR TOUR.  Click on the links on the right for more details on dates, pricing and where to buy tickets. Update: Sept06 new articles and pics added plus screen caps from The Sunday Program segment.
Dont forget to visit my Cafe Press store to buy a T shirt to wear to the gigs !!!!!
Links to more info:
LINK: Articles, pricing, gig dates etc
LINK: Official Countdown site.
LINK: external link to official Countdown The Movie site
LINK: My X-Men Cafe Press Store
LINK: My gig photos
LINK: screen caps from The Sunday Program 17/9/06 plus the transcript.

Updated: 21 October 2006
2006. Where Are They Now. TV Appearance. Ch7. April 9.

Brian, Chuck, Ronnie, Craig and John reformed for an appearance on Where Are They Now - aired on Channel 7 on April 9 2006. A short clip showed them talking about what they were doing these days before a live performance in the studio of Everybody Wants to Work.
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LINK: Screen caps from the episode.

Updated: 17 April 2006
2006. X-Men Reunion Gig, Melbourne Mercury Lounge April 13.

The band reformed for a reunion gig in Melbourne. Thrilled fans flew in from various states to join the Melbourne crowd of Xmaniacs. 90 minutes of golden memories were enjoyed by all.

Thanks Chele for the article, and Virginia for the great photos.
Links to more info:
LINK: news articles, fan reviews and photos from the gig.

Updated: 17 April 2006
2006. Sun Herald Social Pages 7 May 2006

Brian attended the VIP "moving out" party at the Mercury Lounge owned by record producer Michael Gudinski. Jimmy Barnes performed on the night, in front of an audience of Melbourne celebs.

Links to more info:
LINK: news clipping from the Sun Herald 7 May 2006. Thanks Peter for sending it.

Updated: 7 May 2006
Straight to current news CLICK HERE
2006. Where Are They Now. TV Appearance, Ch 7. 21 May

Brian, along with John Paul Young, Gavin Wood, Molly Meldrum, Red Symons and Ally Fowler, appeared on Where Are They Now to share memories of their days on Countdown and to promote the new Countdown Spectacular concerts starting Aug 30 2006.
Links to more info:

LINK: Screen caps from the episode (thanks Dee !!).

Updated: 24 June 2006
2006. Temptation Ch 9 TV Appearance. 23 Jun.

Brian and Tottie Goldsmith appeared as a "temptation" on this episode. The contestants got to buy a luxury hotel stay and tickets to see the Countdown Spectacular concerts.

Co-host Lavinia Nixon mentioned she couldnt wait to see Leo Sayer to which Brian proudly announced he was taller than Leo !!! (isnt everybody taller than Leo ??).
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LINK: Screen caps

Updated: 23 June 2006
2006. AFL Heritage Round celebrates the 80s

Brian was featured in a few Herald Sun articles about a group of footballers teaming up with him to perform at various venues leading up to the Round 16 AFL matches. Round 16 was earmarked as a week with a 1980's theme. Thanks for sending the articles Pete and Sally.

Brian Quote: "They're pretty good. I was surprised actually. I'm pretty pleased with the. We're taking it one song at a time - barring injuries - I think we're looking real good."
Links to more info:

LINK: Article 25June06
LINK: Article 20July06
LINK: Article 23July06

Updated: 23 July 2006
2006. September. New Solo Album

Brian released his newes solo album "Brian Mannix & The Frothy Green Discharge" to coincide with the Countdown Spectacular Tour and the CD is on sale at the concerts this month.

Thanks for the headsup about the inner sleeve (dont show it to your mothers !!) and the scan Sally.
Links to more info:

LINK: Scan of whole cd cover.

Updated: 2 September 2006
2006. 30 September 2006. AFL Grand Final.

Brian joined fellow Countdown Spectacular performers during the pre game entertainment of the West Coast Eagles / Sydney Swans AFL Grand Final, where they performed a compilation of their hits. Brian sung Work.
They came back on the field to perform the National Anthem.
Links to more info:

LINK: Screen caps from the day plus media photos.

Updated: 7 October 2006
2006. Nov-Dec. Absolutely 80s Gigs

The 80's reunion party not to be missed! Don't miss the biggest & best Australian 80's stars together in one big show.

Backed by an all-star 80's band including members of Boom Crash Opera, The Sharp, Big Pig and The Black Sorrows,

Absolutely 80's features Brian Mannix, Scott Carne, Ron Martini and Paul Norton and showcases the big hits of the 80's by
Uncanny X-Men, Kids in the Kitchen and Dear Enemy.
Links to more info:

LINK: Gig Dates
LINK: Tatts Venue Info

Updated: 21 October 2006